Push the edge of what's possible!

We have seen how technology brands can reach millions of people. Today’s startups can connect with an ever intertwined markets and connected ASEAN. With 200 million more people globally getting Internet access each year, the opportunity for new ventures to thrive is greater than ever. We work with founders from different sectors to push the edge of what's possible.



Be an armadillo!

Every day, attackers come up with new ways to compromise enterprise networks and systems. We look for companies that are working on innovative ways to tackle the "status quo", while optimizing usability. We have a long-term vision of helping you build your company. We’re here to help you achieve your goals and build a massively successful company. We trust the founders we invest in and take an approach that is as hands-on as you want us to be. For seed investments, this is usually early product development; for later stage companies it might be market expansion.


Bikesh Lakhmichand

Bikesh is a veteran in tech scene, pioneering mobile development training in SEA. Now he is the CEO of 1337, tasked with helping local start-ups to validate ideas, develop customer acquisition strategies and design a realistic product roadmap. Besides that, he mentor start-ups such as InstaB, Visual Math, ONz, Tide Analytics, Warybee and Baucar.

Heislyc Loh

Heislyc Loh is a community builder and thought leader on technology start­ups in SEA. He founded StartupMamak, the largest tech start­ups community in Malaysia. Heislyc is also the Co-­Director of the Kuala Lumpur & Penang chapter of Founder Institute, the world's largest training ground and launch pad for start­up entrepreneurs in 100 different cities. As Brand Ambassador for AngelHack, a global hackathon movement, Heislyc gathered 370 software developers, designers and entrepreneurs to enable the creation of over 70 technology prototypes in the span of 24 hours.

Gwen Yi

Gwen Yi is a startup ecosystem builder and freelance communications strategist based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Gwen's role as an ecosystem builder emerged from plugging the "gaps" in the entrepreneurial "big picture". She has worn many hats to fulfill this role: as a conference organizer (TEDxKL), a community leader (Kairos ASEAN), and a mentor, trainer and facilitator (Startup Weekend). In the past 3 years, Gwen has organized, attended, and spoken at over 300 startup events across Asia, Europe and America. Most recently, she served as a mentor for a United Nations program in NYC.

Alex Small

Alex is the former Director of Special Projects for Singapore, at Zalora.com and Managing Director for Foodpanda Singapore and Indonesia. He has launched 3 venture backed companies for Rocket Internet across Europe and Asia, and previously consulted Fortune 500 companies in the US and Middle East on strategy and operations at McKinsey and Company.

How do I pitch?

Preferably through an introduction - from a founder in our portfolio, to an investor in our network. Or find us at event and give us your best 60-second pitch. We’ve been pitched in elevators, escalators, taxi queues, and even bathrooms! As a last resort, you can use contact us below.